photo of Sara Hill makeup artistBrace yourselves beauty world! UK Fashion/Celebrity Make-up artist, Editor and all round creative, Sara Hill brings a fresh new Independent make-up brand to the market. 
As well as a kaleidoscopic colour range of must have products for every person, Sara Hill strips back the outdated misconceptions about make-up and lightens up the industry with an expert yet grounded sensibility. This  is make-up after all. Inspired by fashion, club kids, pop culture and chain smoking aunties, this is non-conformist, expert beauty that doesn't patronise, apologise or explain. It’s a pop of bright orange lipgloss in a sea of beige, a smear of glitter in a room full of suits. Sara’s quest to shake things up cannot be easily ignored. A make-up brand that loves all. That doesn't dictate or shame. It is witty, charismatic, honest and supportive. Sara Hill is the girl at a party who will tell you that you have lipstick on your teeth and that you absolutely rock a full face of freckles. Sara Hill celebrates the undone, the all or nothing, the individual. Simply put, Sara Hill make-up is make-up for humans. 

Sara Hill Bio


Make-up Artist/Art Director turned Magazine Editor, Sara Hill is a free thinking creative born in Scotland. With over 17 years in the Industry Sara has worked internationally on many fashion and advertising campaigns. Her work elegantly combines graceful lines, strong shapes and vibrant colours with a fresh natural real look skin. She is currently represented by London agency S:Management. Sara has worked with many notable personalities including Kanye West, Marina and the Diamonds, Rae Morris, Indiana, Melanie C, Emeli Sande, Jack O’Connell, Grace Jones, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and many more. Sara has also worked for years at international fashion weeks with the biggest names in the business. Sara was Winner of the UK “Make-up Artist of the Year Award” in 2012 and the Look awards “Expert Make-up artist of the year” in 2015.

Her art direction and Make-up work has been featured in many fashion publications and In 2013 Sara launched HOPE ST magazine, taking artistic helm as Creative Director. Having just released the fourth issue, the fashion, arts and culture publication has quickly caused great excitement and critical acclaim worldwide in over 25 countries. 


The Academy of Make-up

As a means to share her love, knowledge and understanding of make-up as an artistic practice, Sara started the Academy of Make-up in 2010. The Academy offers a selection of accredited make-up artistry and hair styling courses from its training school and studio based in Glasgow, Scotland. These fast track training courses are perfect for those looking to become professional make-up artists and session hair stylists. Students are taught by a team of renowned industry experts that have worked internationally with top fashion designers and celebrities. We believe that what we offer at The Academy is unique; we were the first international academy dedicated to make-up artistry and session hair styling In Scotland and our courses attract students from all over the world.


HOPE ST magazine 

HOPE ST is an independent fashion and culture magazine that transcends the confines of a traditional fashion publication. It heightens the mind while pleasing the eye with its rich visual aesthetic and strong editorial voice. Celebrating the established and highlighting the new, it combines luxury with an anarchic spirit becoming the most innovative fashion and culture publication worldwide. Never one to take itself too seriously, HOPE ST educates with its tongue firmly planted against its cheek. Celebrating the unique and even unconventional it merges the worlds of youth and street culture with high end luxury brands. Seeking creative innovation and authenticity, HOPE ST strives to inspire, provoke, excite and refresh. A passion for showcasing the unseen and the undone to encourage a cross-cultural discourse. Through its powerful and inventive editorial content it stimulates its readers. With an obsession to nurture their dynamic ideas HOPE ST wishes to create an indispensable style guide as well and an exciting cultural reference. The mob of exceptional HOPE ST contributors are some of the most innovative in the industry, who aim to provide their loyal readers with honest and inspirational visual storytelling and illuminating written content.