• Our Solis Collection is here!
  • Sara Hill

Our Solis Collection is here!

 When I was 18 I ran away to Ibiza.

I say ran - I worked there for two seasons, but at the time it felt like running away. Ibiza life was a much needed escape from the grey skies of Glasgow. During my time there I worked as a body painter, a dancer and behind the bar in some of the biggest clubs. 90s house music was in full swing and I partied pretty much every night!

I remember sitting on the rocks near Cafe Mambo with a group of friends who I'd just met that season, “classily” drinking wine straight out the bottle and watching the famous Ibiza sunset. The sense of freedom and joy was life changing. Seeing the red setting sun sparkle in the water was pure magic. 

My wanderlust spirt continued throughout my 20s - I travelled to Australia, Thailand, Canada and across Europe! Working as a makeup artist let me to work wherever I went. I traveled alone but always made the most amazing new friends along the way. I often feel grateful to my younger self for taking a leap of faith, for leaving home and seeing the world: it’s made me who I am today. 

My new collection, Solis, celebrates the free spirit in us all! Inspired by, and designed to inspire moments in life that really show us there's so much more of this beautiful planet we need to explore. My gift to the sun gods and the wanderers alike.

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  • Sara Hill